argHHHahahh 10,000 blUE gARBlin NFTs n0w RuNNing WiLd On THe ARBitrum L2 NetWORk.

1 Free + Gas Mint Per Wallet For First 500 Then .005 ETH Mint on Arbitrum L2

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foLLow gARBlins on tWittEr

mEEt som of zee gARBlins



How can I mint?

Make sure you have a browser wallet installed such as MetaMask and have some ETH on the Arbitrum L2 network. Then simply click the green "Mint gARBlin" button at the top of this page.

How can I get ETH on Arbitrum?

The easiest way is to use the Arbitrum Bridge and transfer Ethereum from mainnet to Arbitrum L2.

How can I claim my FREE gARBlin?

Be one of the first 500 to mint. 1 free mint per wallet.

Can I buy gARBlins on the secondary market?

gARBlins will be listed in secondary markets where Arbitrum NFTs are supported. This is currently TofuNFT and Stratos.